Effective Cockroaches Control Measures

a cockroach

Cockroaches are adaptable and highly resilient insects that attack residential and commercial properties. These insects live in areas with warmth, food, and nesting sites. One of the effective ways of eliminating them is denying them water, shelter, and food. You can find them hiding in various places in your home like in the bins, boxes, cupboards, fridge, sinks, and pipe holes.

Cockroaches do not spread bacteria or germs but, they should be eliminated because they can feed on your food and even contaminate it. These insects can be eliminated by employing effective cockroaches pest control measures.  This article is going to discuss the effective cockroach control measures that you can use to prevent these creatures from invading your home or business.

Take Prompt Action


Property owners should report any sighting of cockroaches to pest control specialists. Where possible, one should capture or kill them. It is also essential to record the time and date whenever you find these creatures in your premises. You should contact reputable pest control agencies because they have the necessary training, equipment, and know-how to deal with these nuisance creatures.

Preventive Measures

One can prevent an infestation by preventing these creatures from entering his home or business. Some of the recommended preventive measures include;

  • Seal all the hiding areas like cracks in siding, under kitchen sinks, around skirting boards, bathroom cabinets, and behind electrical sockets.
  • Sealing wooden shelves and cabinets-This is done by painting or varnishing them. These shelves should also be cleaned and wiped regularly.
  • Emptying the bins and rubbish regularly
  • Store foods and water in properly sealed containers
  • Avoid leaving liquids in buckets or sinks
  • Eliminate the possible sources of condensation, food, moisture, or water. This means that spills should be cleaned up immediately. Also, avoid leaving dirty or wet mops on your floor.
  • Use a stiff brush to keep your drains clean. Some species of cockroaches like the American Cockroaches live in dirty drains. A bush can help you in reaching places where other cleaners can’t flow.
  • Rinse plastics, bottles, and cans before disposing them of in recycle bins

Choose the Best Treatment Plan

a dead cockroachAnyone who has identified these creatures in his home or business or has an existing cockroach infestation problem should choose the best treatment plan. The method chosen depends on cockroach inspection and identification.


De-Clutter Your House

Cluttered areas can act as safe harborage and breeding areas for cockroaches. These insects can also hide at the bottom of cupboards or on the floor. Some of the effective ways of de-cluttering your rooms include unused cardboard boxes and old stacks of magazines and newspapers.