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What to Expect from a Pest Control Service Visit?

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If you have a pest problem in your home, you are probably thinking of contacting a pest control agency. If you have previously had exterminators in your home, then you should expect scheduled visits regularly until your pest problem is solved. Selecting a Dupaint Pet Safe Pest Control company should not be a hard task as long as you have the right guidelines. Once you find a suitable agency, here are some of the things you should expect from their service visit.


Depending on the scale of the pest attack, you may want to consider a few days away from your humble abode. If you do not have a severe case of pests, getting rid of them may take a few hours. Generally, you are advised in advance to have an alternative area of residence. This is in case the fumigation and pest control services take longer than usual. The professionals involved are likely to use chemicals to kill the pests. These chemicals are very poisonous to human beings, and therefore one cannot immediately sleep in their house once fumigation has taken place.

Thorough Inspection

The inspection officers will do a full sweep on potential areas in which the pests may be hiding. If the exterminators forget areas such as hinges, sofa set under-pad and underneath the floor tiles, it may cause havoc. If the pest invasion is severe to the point in which they have invaded the closets and beddings, there may be a need to let some things go. This means that clothes and bags that may have been riddled with pest eggs should be burned. Burning these items will help curb future regeneration of the pest offspring.

Environment Sweep

Not only will the exterminator inspect your house from the inside, but they shall also thoroughly inspect it from the outside. An environmental sweep is necessary since the pests may be seeking habitat from the environs of your home. Imagine if you solve the issue in the house and forget to clean the outside? You will end up falling victim to a later pest invasion. In such a case you have to undergo a new process of pest control again.

Summary and Conclusion

You are expected to answer all the questions the inspection officer asks you accurately. The details will assist the officer to perform a preliminary assessment on the scale of the problem. If you did not know what to expect during a pest control service visit, I’m sure this article has proven helpful.