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Great Ideas for Your Shower Panel Upgrade Solution


The state-of-the-art shower experience only comes when your bathroom has the right installations to give you what you need. Otherwise, it will all be dreaming. Luckily, you can do most of what the best bathrooms do at home with a little home upgrading that does not break the bank. You need to consider finding a perfect shower panel to transform your showers from a daily bathing routine into an experience worth looking forward to every time. It gives you much more functions WHILE letting you do most things with ease. The following are features to look out for when upgrading your shower panel.

Check Whether You Need a Bathtub with Shower Combination

Most people already have bathtubs and need to upgrade the shower part only. Sometimes the systems come together or in a detached format. You need to check whether there is sufficient room to stand in the bathtub when you want to use the shower or whether the activity will take place from another location. You should consider the two cases carefully since having the shower overhead the bathtub will need a bit of consideration on drainage, especially if your shower head is quite large. On the other hand, the detached version will not be a problem when you initially set it put, but you might find a need to keep it close to the bathtub in case you tend to jump from one to the other.

Consider Large-Sized Panels for a Waterfall Effect

shower head

The waterfall might be awkward, and most people skip it when looking at the demonstration before purchase. However, if you have the option of fitting several panels in different bathrooms, then you could have one with the waterfall panel which has effects you will enjoy. It takes a while to get used to it, but it is the most natural feeling you can have when taking a shower and you would not want to go back to the traditional shower system. It gives you pure relaxation, and that gets over you quite fast.

Always Remember the Enclosure

You would not buy boots without their laces therefore you should not get the shower without its enclosure. Your bathroom is a multi-use unit and may have over one person at the same time. Moreover, having an enclosure gives you have a chance to ensure your interior décor extends to the bathroom as an intimate place in the house. Go for light and airy shower enclosures that come with fiber doors because they have an attractive-looking design and they are durable.

Multiple Water Streams

No one said it would be a sin to have multiple streams of water from the same showerhead. Your panel can come with different connection points when you are installing it so that you can choose hot and cold-water streams to hit you differently. Modernized shower panels also bring the option to change the pressure of the water drop to make it rain or spray on you which can greatly improve the experience.